Monday, September 21, 2009

Tulip Time at Bowral

Yesterday, we had a family GTG for lunch in Bowral, it being as close as possible a halfway point between Sydney and Canberra where DD Belinda and her family live. It was a belated Fathers' Day celebration, the first attempt two weeks ago having to be cancelled, due to Belinda's two dogs going walkabout (that is another story but suffice it to say that happily they were found together, alive and well). By yesterday it had become an extra celebration, that of DS David's birthday.

After an enjoyable lunch at Palate Pleasures, we adjourned to the local park where Bowral's

famous tulips were on display, with the Tulip Festival beginning on the 24th September. The tulips were a multitude of colours, along with violas, bluebells and daisies. Jenna (almost 8 year old step-GD) was quite fascinated with the ladybirds and other bugs on some of the flowers. She told us the flowers she'd seen were much prettier. "Why?" we asked. "Because they had bugs on them," was the reply. Children do see things differently, don't they?

The day was finished by filing into the local patisserie for coffee and yummy cheesecake or icecream. Naughty but nice!
I wanted to show a couple more photos but having enough trouble getting these photos into line. I am obviously missing something :-(. Oh the fun of being a novice blogger......

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