Friday, May 21, 2010

At last something to show

I started out so well with this blog that I'm sure anyone who has been reading it has probably given up on me by now.  Well, I have something to show that follows on from my last long ago post and that is the grandbaby quilt.  Here it is.....ta da......The Cot Quilt Top:

I am very pleased with it although I notice two blocks which perhaps should not have been put together - wonder whether I should change them.  I originally planned to set the blocks straight but suddenly had inspiration and set them on point.  Now they look like they're floating which is nice. 

As you can see, it's not a baby quilt as such but we're thinking the little man will be able to use it on his eventual Big Boy's bed.

Now to sandwich and quilt it - where are the quilt fairies?  They are real, aren't they?  I will be starting some fairly intensive work next week which will continue almost until our little boy's due date and I know that, as past experience tells me, I'm going to be too tired most evenings to do much.  That's where the knitting will come in.  I've been furiously clicking the needles and have four garments and a cap to show for it.  More pics may come in a few days.

That's not all - I have another quilt to sandwich and quilt - that's the chenille and blue one I showed ages ago plus a charity quilt to make.  Just need more energy and less sleep!