Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet my grandson, Henry!

Oh my gosh, has it really been that long since I last wrote something?  Very slack of me but a LOT has happened.  OK, so I worked for two months marking tests and while it was pretty intensive work, it was hardly newsworthy, although the money was nice, LOL.  I was almost at the end of that long slog when I got The Phone Call on 29th July from DD saying she had gone into labour a week early, so luckily I was able to down tools (pencil actually) and be on the road to Canberra within hours.   Unfortunately for DD, it was going to be a lot longer before little Henry would make his appearance as finally, it was necessary for a Caesarean.  It was all rather traumatic at the time but as soon as we saw our little boy, we were all in love with this darling baby.  He weighed 3180g (7lb) and to me he looked so tiny as my own children were quite big babies at birth.

He is my first grandchild and I am besotted!  Just wish I could see him every day!  I have been lucky though as I stayed to help out and consequently I got lots of cuddles!  Here he is:

Henry's quilt (as in my last post) is not yet complete but with the size it has become, it will be good for when he goes into a bed, LOL.  However, I did finish the one in aqua and white with the chenille and that one is waiting in his cot for him.  Otherwise I spent much of the winter knitting all sorts of things for him.  My sister got very keen too and knitted the blue jacket he is wearing above - it's part of a set.