Friday, September 11, 2009

First Friday Flaunt!

Here it is: my first Friday Flaunt. It's a bullseye quilt (top) which I've pieced for one of the groups I belong to which makes quilts for children with cystic fibrosis so that when they have to go to hospital for treatment they have their own quilt to take. It is going to be longarm quilted which will be great :-).

It is an easy quilt to piece and a good way of using up novelty scraps. The blocks are 10" finished (11" cut) and I cut the circles 8", 6" and 4". The 4" came from the centre of the 8" circle because I felt it would add more interest to the quilt to have three circles. At first I wasn't sure about the sashing colour but those who saw it loved it. It's growing on me. It certainly gives a bit of zing to the quilt.



  1. Top blog and fantastic quilt. Love the bull's eye block and your colours really add zing to it.

  2. Fabulous colours in the bull's eye! Aren't they fun to make, too.
    Congratulations on your blog - welcome to the bloggy world Daphne!

  3. So far looking good!
    Looks like you are a blogger to and a Friday Flaunter to boot.
    What better company could you keep!??

    Oh, and I like the quilt too.

  4. Lovely bright colours in your quilt Daphne, this is one style I will do one day

  5. Fantastic quilt the colours really pop - looks so hard to do!

  6. Welcome to the addictive world of blogging! I love the quilt, the colours are wonderful! I look forward to keeping up with your blog and all that you chose to share with us.

  7. Hi,

    Welcome to the blogosphere... love the Bullseyes - the lime green in stunning!