Friday, September 25, 2009

Flaunting Again

This Friday flaunting thing is very good for me. I am actually working towards having something to show and what is even better today is that all of the fabric came from my stash. The flower heads have been machine embroidered on a nice quality osnaburg and are quite detailed. They are Thimbleberries designs from Embroidery Library. I think they're gorgeous! When I first started making the top I had a yellow in the middle of the nine-patches to pick up the stamen colours but soon realised they were a bit overpowering and I replaced them.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the flowers to show the detail in them. Enjoy!


  1. excellent incorporation of embroidery with patchwork and your flowers are exquisite.

  2. I might have pipped you at the post, but your flaunt is way better than mine.
    Love the quilt,who is it for.

  3. Wow!!!
    Your embroidery is absolutely beautiful.
    I am in awe of anyone who can embroider nicely but these flowers are just exquisite!
    I'm going back to look again.

  4. Thanks, ladies! The quilt is for our bedroom - there is a blank wall since I moved some other quilts around. Not sure whether you're thinking it's hand embroidered, Del, because unfortunately I am not that good! All courtesy of my Janome embroidery machine and downloaded designs!

  5. Very pretty quilt, Daphne, and it will look lovely on the bedroom wall. I think you made a wise decision replacing the nine patch yellow centers with the pretty pink. Perfect.

  6. Just lovely! It must really be true that a little bit of yellow goes a long way!!!LOL

  7. Very to get to the machine..
    I really like that one. Great work