Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here I am at last with my very own blog - now what to say. I have quite a few ideas in mind but they will have to wait until at least tomorrow because in my part of the world (NSW, Australia) it's time to count sheep. In the meantime I will get myself ready for my first real posting. But I have started!!

I will tell you a little about myself first though: I am mostly retired, a former teacher, married to my dear Dutchman (Hans) for nearly 39 years and have two grown up children, one of whom is married and lives about three hours away. The other is still single and lives nearby. My interests are largely of the creative kind when I am at home - patchwork and quilting and machine embroidery mainly. I love to read and adore travel. Hans introduced me to it when we were first married and now he wonders whether he did the right thing because I'm always thinking about somewhere new to see!

Now I'm really going to bed! Talk again soon,


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  1. I was the same I did my blog and then said now what? I have added to it and am quite pleased with what I have done. It is more or less a diary, of recent things I have done.Marion