Friday, February 5, 2010

First Baby Quilt

Now that I've announced our coming grandchild :-), I thought I would flaunt my first item of sewing.  I had the kit for this quilt in the stash for a couple of years or more and pulled it out the other day, thinking that now was as good a time as any to start baby sewing, although it isn't going to be my piece de resistance.  Luckily though, I didn't choose pink - not that we know the sex of the unborn babe yet, although I am guessing it's going to be a boy.  I am sure though that bubs will need more than one quilt.  I haven't got very far with it - I think it will look good when finished but I'm not enjoying working with chenille and bias cuts.  I have, however, found that the walking foot makes working with chenille a little easier.  Hopefully the next time you see this quilt it will be no longer a Work in Progress.

Close up of the block.  The two aqua and white fabrics are alternated in each block.

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  1. now that looks very interesting.
    of course babies need one than one quilt.
    one in the wash, one for the floor, one for best, one for visiting etc. etc.
    I think you are going to be busy. evbg

  2. doesn't it come up well and yet it is a simple block. Will look good when finished. I agree chenille plus bias seams would not make for a fun time.

  3. Very pretty and effective.
    Great (as in very good)grandma workings.....LOL