Saturday, January 23, 2010

Very special flaunt

This flaunt is the reason for the Very Important Quilt I mentioned last week, in case you haven't worked it out.  We are going to be grandparents for the very first time, late July/early August, courtesy of our DD and DSIL!  Here is the very first indication that Bubs was on the way:

Yesterday was the first ultrasound which was at 13 weeks and yes, it's definitely a baby!  I am quite surprised that such a tiny being who is just 6 cm from crown to rump can be seen this clearly.  We are all very excited at the news (needless to say) and so is Jenna who will be big half-sister to Bubs (what do we call him or her at this stage??). 

Went out shopping this morning and bought the beginnings of Baby's 'glory box' (some washers and burp cloths) as well as looking at prams and strollers.  I had not looked at such items very closely for years and wow, how they've changed!  Lots of sewing and knitting ahead for me this winter - can't wait.  Actually, I couldn't wait and already am well on the way to having a little jumper made.  The parents intend to find out the baby's gender later which I am happy about because then I can get into some colours!

All very exciting (have I said that yet?) for this first-time grandmother-to-be.

Daphne (not on my usual computer so don't have my signature handy)


  1. Congratulations Daphne!!!! What exciting news.
    Cheers, Jan.

  2. Congratulations!

    I can feel the excitement!


  3. Such a wonderful way to keep a record of this exciting time for you all. I wish all of you the very best for a trouble free pregnancy.

  4. Congratulations that is wonderful news.

  5. oh congratultions, a baby quilt, then a throw quilt, then a floor quilt, then then
    oh you are going to be busy in between being a GrandMother. :)