Sunday, February 21, 2010

At last, a finished quilt!

This is my latest effort so as you can see, I do sometimes finish a quilt!  This has been largely made amidst great preparations for overseas visitors and a holiday but it is finished, right down to the label.  This quilt is not for me or anyone I know:  it is a charity quilt for a women's refuge.  A group I belong to makes quilts for the children of women who must take refuge somewhere safe.

Again it is the Continuous Stairs design but how different it is with a complete change of colour and colour layout!  It is very bright as I wouldn't ordinarily use so much yellow but I am sure some child will like it.  Quilting has been very basic (in-the-ditch) just with stitching down the 'stairs'.

NB.  The baby quilt with the chenille as in the previous post has come a bit further and is now a top and I'm rather pleased with it but I don't think I will be sewing chenille again in a hurry!  My sewing room looked like snow had hit it for a while!



  1. super, how brave you are with stripes

  2. Wow isn't that stripe effective!

  3. wow that is visually stunning...great work, so bright and cheerful.