Friday, October 9, 2009

A Little Flaunt

Not a big flaunt this week but I really like the idea of flaunting because without it, I would still be thinking about it, LOL.  This little bag came from one of the designs on DIY Bag Lover
DIY Bag Lover
Ooh, I am getting clever - I managed to put a link in - I think....

Anyway, the bag is of a heavy Indian cotton and lined with a tangerine-coloured fabric.  I embroidered a design on it before cutting it out.  It's OK as a small handbag but to be really useful, I think I need to enlarge the pattern a bit more - had a few difficulties with that and my printer.  Guess I could simply draw it, couldn't I?

Below is a close up of the embroidery:


  1. What a cute bag and I like the embroidery also

  2. Really like that embroidery... reminds me of that dress I have with the Russian style embroidery along the hem.

  3. Beautiful embroidery, it totally makes the bag! Have you thought about enlarging the bag pattern at a photocopy shop?

  4. Thanks for the very nice comments, ladies (that includes my DD Belinda!) - yes, I could get the pattern enlarged at a P/C shop but I think it wouldn't be too hard to draw.