Saturday, October 3, 2009

Floriading in Canberra

Yesterday we spent the day at Canberra's famous annual Floriade display, although a good part of the time was spent looking for an elusive parking spot. We took our step-GD Jenna with us and I have to say she put a different perspective on the day out to what we've become used to but it was a lovely day seeing it through her eyes. We enjoyed a ride together on the ferris wheel but we baulked at the giant slide for some reason (!) although Jenna of course enjoyed it. She also enjoyed feeding a mother swan and her two downy cygnets on the lake while two step-grandparents thoughtshe was going to end up in the lake with them. Remember we are just Learners!

Unfortunately the some of the tulips were a little past their best but what an overall spectacular sight - whites, yellows, scarlets, pinks, blacks (really maroon), oranges and variegated. Some of the pictures below will show the splendor of the display. Another very pretty display was the coloured and lit lanterns which criss-crossed one of the walkways.

Jenna had a great time on the giant slide.

Aren't they beautiful!

Multi-coloured lanterns hung above a pathway.


These were the swan and cygnets Jenna fed.

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