Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Stocking for Henry

Again, it's been a while, although I have been working on a few projects.  I've been doing Candied Hexagons with Kaffe Fassett fabrics as the feature but as I'm a glutton for punishment, they are all being done by hand.  Actually, they are great to do while watching TV or going to sewing/quilting group when you don't feel like lugging a sewing machine along.  Pictures of these to come later.

Another project has been a quilt for a child with cystic fibrosis which one of my groups do.  It's a simple design using three different 2-1/2" strips sewn together, then cut into squares and then HS triangles (half of which are cut on the opposite diagonal) and these are sewn together and arranged on point.  A very effective but simple block - again pics to come in a little while when I've done a bit more.  Sorry to tease!

What I have finished is a Christmas stocking for my now three months old today grandson, Henry and I have a photo of it!  Next up will be one for his 9 year old (half) sister which will be made in green.  I'm thinking though that the top needs to be of a different fabric - maybe felt? - but my DD is really happy with it as it is.  The reindeer is an Embroidery Library design - probably my fave place for designs.


  1. Henry can't wait to see what turns up in his stocking :P

  2. love the stocking and I am certain Henry will also. Personally I would avoid the felt as it is harder to wash and a non crafty person may not know how to handle it properly... Cotton is great for washing and lasts forever.

  3. Very nice indeed, now as you say, on to the second one!