Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a catch up for now

My friend Bev commented today that it's a while since I posted so for those who have followed me, here's what's been happening.

First of all, a happy ending to the Missing Milly story.  Believe it or not, she had taken up residence just down around the corner!  A young girl who did not know about microchipping found her and took her in.  She did advertise in the Canberra Times but DD Belinda did not see the ad.  Finally, Belinda stuck a poster to a box and left it at a set of traffic lights nearby and the girl saw it and realised it was Milly she'd been looking after!  She rang Belinda and Dale and within minutes (probably!) there was a happy reunion.  The girl was rather sad at having to relinquish Milly and asked whether there was a possibility of getting a dog like her (Cav/Shihtzu/Maltese) but no, there wasn't.  Milly herself was an 'accident'.

That isn't the end to the doggie saga.  A week or two later, Rex decided to proclaim his territory to the Rottweiler next door.  This was too much for the Rotty who could not take this little whippersnapper's big brave/foolhardy act and jumped through a broken pailing in the fence and went for Rex's jugular and only just missed it.  If it had not been for a neighbour's quick thinking, Rex would now be no more.  At first it was thought he was dead, but no, that little heart was still beating, and he was taken to the vet to be stitched up.  Rex has almost recovered now, but, shall I say, his behaviour sometimes does not show his brain power to best advantage and he still makes a beeline for the side fence when let out.  A new fence is to be erected as soon as possible, so hopefully that and blocking up under all fences will put paid to this particular doggie saga!  I'm not sure how to add a caption so that it will go in the right place so for now, the above photo was taken a couple of years ago, not long after Milly joined the menagerie.


  1. Hey... Rex is offended by your comments :)

  2. Oh-oh! Didn't expect you to comment so quickly! Should I change it? :-)

  3. That's better... maybe he isn't as dumb as he looks ;-) He just had his stitches out btw... very brave!

  4. Hi Daphne, I am so sad to hear about your lost little dog and the incident with Rex, Thank heavens Millie was found. Let's hope Rex learns from his escapades!